Hi! I'm Danny Libin.

Picture of Danny, smiling as best he can

I'm a software developer making awesome apps to learn and have fun. I got into coding completely on a whim 10.7766 years ago and quickly ended up addicted. I had never considered myself to be a creative type, but coding has opened up new horizons for me, helping me express my creativity in ways I never thought possible. Coding has become more than just a hobby for me, weaving itself into my life both personal and professional.

I'm most interested in data science, machine learning, AI, and process automation with Python and SQL. I'm very interested in exploring the intersection of AI and the field of medicine. I'm also experienced with the Typescript/Javascript ecosystem, including React, Angular, and Node.js.

In my other life, I'm a pharmacist 👨‍⚕️ (get your flu (and COVID) shots!!) slinging pills 💊💊.

Feel free to reach out!